Clever questions to ask at an interview

Everyone that has been to an interview knows that most interviewers close a meeting by asking “Do you have any questions for me?”.

Ideally you can take this opportunity to further showcase your preparedness, as well as your suitability and enthusiasm for the role.  And because you are not just desperate for any old job, you need to gather as much information as is necessary to decide whether this is the right job for you.

Here is a list of some questions that you may want to bring along to the interview – obviously not ALL of them, but use your judgement to determine what questions are suitable for the person you are meeting, the company and the role.

  • Who does this position report to? And what does this org chart look like for this part of the company?
  • What are the prospects for growth and advancement?
  • How does one advance in the company?
  • What do you like about working here? How long have YOU been here and why did you take the job?
  • How will my success in this role be measured? formally and informally?
  • How much guidance or assistance is made available to individuals in developing career goals?
  • How much opportunity will I have for decision-making in my first assignment?
  • Is this a new role? (If it is to replace someone you want to understand what happened)
  • Why is the position open, and how long have you been looking?
  • What are the revenues projections and/or profitability for the company?
  • For private companies, who are the shareholders/investors? (good to know if the principals have skin in the game and how decisions are made)
  • I am excited about the role and see a strong fit, do you have any immediate concerns about my suitability?
  • If a senior/lead role, why was this not filled by internal promotion?
  • How will the role change/evolve when the current project is over?
  • How much real authority will I have and over what?
  • What can you tell me about the job that is not in the job description?
  • What is your vision your this role/team/project/organization?
  • How senior is the rest of the team?
  • Describe the culture of the team?  Do people socialize as a group?

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