Date This Job

Looking for Work you can Love? Don’t Jobstitute Yourself

Maybe you’re looking for the job of your dreams – or perhaps a headhunter is courting you for a role.

Either way, there are right approaches and wrong approaches to the job-finding game – and they have a lot in common with the early stages of romance.

Here are three tips for putting your best hiring foot forward.
Tip 1: Don’t Be a Jobstitute

Would you describe your ideal mate as ‘someone who lives nearby’ and is ‘interested in you’? Of course not.

Yet some people will interview for any job that comes their way – particularly if they are told that they have the qualifications

A company will not be impressed if you want the job just because the job wants you.
Tip 2: Know your ‘dealbreakers’

You know enough to prepare great questions for your interviewer, but before you go to that first meeting make sure you know what you want. Set some career and job-related goals.
Know what you want before the first interview

While you may not be THAT picky, it’s hard for both you and the company if you don’t have criteria against which to measure an opportunity.

A lack of objectives makes you look desperate – not an attractive quality in a date or an employee. Let your interviewer know what is important to you.
Tip 3: Bring muster, not bluster

Project a confident image of someone who has options and is excited about the job because it meets or exceeds what they have been looking for.

Don’t mistake confidence and eagerness for arrogance, however. You won’t get the job (in the same way that you wouldn’t get a second chance if you demanded that your date prove why he/she deserved the pleasure of your company.)

One last thing – smile. This may sound like silly advice, but just about everyone in the interview process – including the receptionist – must like you and be genuinely eager to see you join the team. I have met many talented people who don’t go far because they have a crusty attitude – and who would want to date that?

Knowing yourself, having objectives, and projecting a good attitude will land you a job you’ll love.


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  1. “Jobstitute” – well put. Too often we look blindly for “something else” for the sake of it rather than asking the hard questions about what we really want from life. Thanks for the post.

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