The Mission Matters: Are You Pitching Passion or Pizzaz?

If the team with the best talent wins the technology race, who are you betting on? With a view from the front row, my money is on the company that can spark passion in its people. This is not the cult-like workplace with people dancing in the aisles, but the one that hires and inspires based on the difference the team’s efforts will make in the world. This company will successfully build a team that rallies behind their mission, with each individual bringing their best game every day to further the effort.

For some companies it will be a model based on goodness: changing the world with medical breakthroughs or green energy, by delivering education or information, or creating a safer internet, or finding love… Others will be inspired to innovate… to solve important problems or apply technology to an existing passion, perhaps for music or books or movies. Companies like Rypple, are inspiring their people (and their customers!) to create more fulfilling workplaces. They get it! Without losing sight of the profit motive they are attracting, retaining and motivating great employees who want to make a difference in everyone’s workplace.

Other companies recruit solely by seeking and getting attention. They promote a culture that is fun and funky. And many will say it works! These employers may get volumes of people knocking on their doors – all of them wanting to have fun at work. But, you see the problem, right? Are these the best people? Is a team that is having fun necessarily productive? Is fun sustainable? To find the best talent, and to get these individuals fully engaged and focused on your business objectives, you need to touch them somewhere deep, and fun just scratches the surface.

So while the demand for great talent is increasingly fierce, I believe that companies founded on a purpose will outperform the rest. Because, while there are lots of jobs out there for great people, if you can get the message out that you’re doing Work that Matters, then your message will be heard and embraced for the long term.


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