Your Managers are Sabotaging your Recruiting Efforts! Part 1: No News is Bad News

As a tech executive, you already know that success is driven by your innovators, marketers, sellers and tech wizards. You invest a lot of time to source and assemble a dream team. So it may come as a surprise that the same managers who are helping you steer the ship may be sabotaging your ability to hire great people.

Over the next few posts, I’ll explain some of the top sins that your managers are likely committing. I’m not suggesting that you’re faced with a mutany. Odds are that your leaders are blissfully ignorant of how their actions (or lack of action) is impacting your success. And the good news is that there are easy fixes.

SIN #1

No News is Bad News.

We hear about it a lot. A candidate’s resume sits in the inbox for weeks until the hiring manager realizes that it’s a gem. But time has passed and that individual is off the market, or has lost the initial enthusiasm about the role and company.

Then after an interview, there is silence. Will there be another interview? Is there a fit – why or why not? No one knows what happened. The candidate is left hanging and unimpressed. And they’ll tell their friends.

As recruiters, we expect our clients to review a new resume within 24 hours, and to debrief within 48 hours of each interview. It’s smart recruiting and a courtesy to candidates who invested their time and paid for gas, parking or public transit. It also sends a message to every candidate, whether they move forward or not, that your organization is efficient and that your managers can make decisions.

Teach your team that shorter cycles are good for everyone. You take advantage of momentum, send a very positive message about respect for the individual and display the sense of urgency and execution that fast companies thrive on. You’ll get more accepted offers, and just as important, you’ll create a legion of impressed people who will tell their friends about their positive experience.

Start by setting a good example and keep high expectations. The results of an expedited process will surprise you.


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