About Me and This Blog

Hi!  And thanks for visiting.  Welcome to the work in progress that is my blog.


I have be in and around the Canadian tech community for 15+ years, in recruitment and for a stint in sales and consulting.  I have lived and worked in Sudbury, Toronto, South Africa and now Kitchener-Waterloo.  I am the Founder of Artemis Canada.  We are a hybrid search firm, providing the rigour and integrity of Executive Search to young tech companies that need a recruitment solution that is also fast, aggressive, and highly targeted.

I love my job.  It rarely feels like work at all.  I spend my days helping people grow their companies, succeed in their roles as leaders, and bring new ideas and products to life and to market.  I get to know lots of smart and inspiring people. I am humbled and inspired by the capabilities and achievements of many, and without fail I learn something new everyday.

I hope that by visiting my blog you have found something interesting, something that helps you make an important decision in your career or something that sheds new light on your organizational challenges.  It is essentially a collection of the things that I learn each day as I work and live.  Enjoy!


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